The Icehouse, known historically as Constable Ice & Fuel, is located in the historic original townsite of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

It began operations in 1920 as an icehouse, manufacturing 300lb ice blocks for use in the food industry, primarily to keep produce cold as it was shipped by railroad to Eastern U.S. cities. Prior to its current arts use, the building was used by the police as storage for crime evidence.

In 1990, Helen Hestenes and David Therrien began transforming the Icehouse into a center for the exhibition and exploration of new art forms, with emphasis on large scale works, installation, experimentation and community education.

Our Vision

Icehouse Arts in downtown Phoenix
is a premier cultural centre devoted to promoting the Arts and humanitarian causes.

Known internationally as a showcase for the avant-garde, the historic Icehouse itself is a true work of art, a rich meld of refined elegance and industrial edge. With the new addition of an urban open space, the Icehouse complex is a dynamic environ for cultural events, music and diversified arts.

While nurturing mental wellness through artistic development and the healing powers of nature in the urban garden within its grounds, the Icehouse is dedicated to supporting social causes that promote health, compassion and understanding for individuals struggling with serious mental or physical illness.